Bloggin’ the UCMJ

Welcome to JAG NCO.  I decided to start this site because I’m heading to Afghanistan rather soon, and wanted to share the deployment with family, friends, and anyone else who might be interested in what I do downrange.  If you’ve known me for a while, you might know about my other site –  I chose not to use that one and start fresh instead, with greater focus on my career.

I’m a ten-year veteran of the U.S. Army, and I work in the JAG Corps.  Essentially, that means I’m an Army Paralegal; I deal directly with courts-martial, discharges, and nonjudicial punishment of Soldiers.  In addition to those duties, I can also assist Soldiers with legal issues… I just cannot provide legal advice since I’m not an attorney (I can tell you what regulations require, however).  If you need help with an issue and you’re a Soldier, feel free to ask; just be aware that I can’t give you advice and may have to refer you to an attorney, depending on your specific situation.

I’m stationed at Fort Huachuca, AZ and I’m deploying to Afghanistan soon.  Due to OPSEC concerns, I’m not going to say when; but, it’ll be very soon.  Once I’m downrange, you’ll know.


5 responses to “Bloggin’ the UCMJ

  1. Stephen Pickerin II

    Count me in. I know this will be a great site. See you in Afghanistan.

  2. i just have a couple questions and concerns…..

    i am a military wife stationed in alaska. my husband and i had a DV issue and he was removed from our on post housing. he went to jag and they told him he did not have to give me any money as i reside in goverment quarters. so he hasnt. we have 3 children and i have not worked since we have been married. what do i do to support my children since he wont even give me money for groceries? also i can not be seen at jag as there is only one on our post and he got to them first. i just dont know where to turn to for help as his chain of command is on his side of course. im not a bad person and the DV assult was his fault not mine. but it seems the army has turned against me. they will help in in every way but refuse to give me any help. im waiting on an ERD (early return of dependents) as i am originally from california but we are stationed in alaska. i wont sign the divorce papers until the army gives me an ERD date as a family advocate advised me not to. i just dont know where to go for help…maybe you can help me make some sense of this all thank you

    • Ma’am,

      First, please let me direct you to my page regarding spousal support: Spousal Support.

      Second, are you still residing in government housing? If you are, then he is, by regulation, not required to provide you with spousal support under the provisions of AR 608-99. Now, whether or not he’s required to do so is irrelevant — what he should be doing is what is right by the family. Vacating the quarters will trigger the support requirements of AR 608-99, so if it’s financially feasible to do so, that’s a possibility.

      I cannot provide you with any legal advice, but since you cannot be seen by the Legal Assistance office there at Fort Richardson, your next step should be to contact the IG office if you’re not getting anywhere with his chain of command. You may also want to retain an attorney if you haven’t already done so for your divorce.

      In the meantime, have you tried finding a temporary job to help bring some money in? I don’t know how old the children are, but if they’re of school age, then you can at least get a job bagging groceries at the Commissary. You’d be working on tips, but you also set your own hours… and most importantly you’ll be bringing in at least enough money to feed the family each day.

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