Joseph Stack – Terrorist?

Undated photo of domestic terrorist Joseph Stack

There’s a debate brewing over whether or not last week’s attack on the Internal Revenue Service should be classified as terrorism.  The Austin Police Chief says, “I did not want to use it [the word terrorism] because I didn’t want people that have children in school and loved ones at work to be panicking, thinking that, ‘Oh my God, is there going to be 10 more little planes around the country crashing into buildings?”‘ Acevedo said. “I knew that this appeared to be one guy in one city in one event.”

Muslim groups are quite rightly concerned over the reluctance to label this attack as terrorism.  Joseph Stack was a white non-muslim; had he been muslim then there likely would be no debate.

I consider this to be an act of terrorism and not just “one guy in one city in one event.”  The Oklahoma City bombing was carried out by one guy in one city in one event as well (though he did have an accomplice), and no one disputes that it was an act of terrorism.  Intentionally flying a plane loaded with fuel into a building because you’re angry with the government for whatever reason, is always terrorism.  It doesn’t matter if you’re white or if you’re muslim.

Joseph Stack is a terrorist.


3 responses to “Joseph Stack – Terrorist?

  1. I disagree. Joe Stack was an unstable and disgruntled American citizen.

  2. Craig Considine
  3. I still disagree. But I will concede that it was an ‘act’ of terrorism because any act resulting in the loss of innocent lives brings terror to the victims and their families.

    You do posit some interesting and valid positions at your website to support the definition of a terrorist. But I still think Joe Stack was merely an unstable and disgruntled American citizen. He did not seem to be part of any organized movement to perpetrate terroristic acts against the IRS, FBI, or any other strong-armed branch of government. Ergo, a simple nut case who simply went over the edge.

    The points you submit to support the definition of a terrorist would have applied to our founding fathers who rebelled against the British Crown. In fact, many of the acts perpetrated by the ‘patriots’ against the ‘loyalists’, such as home burning, beatings, and even hangings, were terroristic in nature and they, the American rebel patriots were labeled by the British Crown as ‘terrorists’.

    The problem is that once a government has established itself, it is all to quick to label anyone who does not agree with them as a ‘terrorist’ when they take violent measures against that government. In fact, they may be the new vanguard ‘patriots’ as part of a coming and long overdue revolution.

    We have two good opposing viewpoints here and I always welcome a well thought and intelligent discourse. You can also check out the position I take with regards to revolution and how it should apply in the case of Puerto Rico…

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