Deployment: Day One

Today is the first day of my deployment.  I’m currently at Bangor International Airport while the plane refuels, then we’ll be making one more stop before we arrive in Kyrgyzstan.

Yesterday, the company held formation at 0600 to put out information about what would happen today, then we were released.  What was supposed to take place, was we would form up at 0300 today to draw weapons, then start the usual hours-long process of getting onto a plane.  What ended up happening, was formation was rescheduled to 0600.  Of course, no one notified me of the change, so I ended up going to the company at 0230.  Naturally, no one was there; I had to call one of the other NCOs to find out what was going on.  I’m just glad that the formation hadn’t been rescheduled for earlier instead of later.

Aside from that minor hiccup, things went well.  I went back home and spent some more time with my cousin before I had to go to the company again.  It took about an hour to get my weapon, then it was almost another hour before we got to Eifler Gym where we could spend a couple of final hours with family and friends.  We boarded the plane around 1230 and took off not long after.  Now, I’m relaxing before the next leg of the flight, which will take us over the Atlantic; having flown that many times before, I know that’s going to be a long flight.  Sleep sounds good right about now.


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