Deployment: Day Three

After a few hours, I was finally able to grab a shower and get some sleep.  I wound up not sleeping as long as I wanted because the cleaning crew came into the tent.  I have an idea of when the unit is departing for our final destination, but I’m not posting that information on here due to OPSEC concerns.

Manas Air Base so far seems to be a nice place to be, relatively speaking.  I don’t have too much to say about it quite yet; that may change once I’ve explored it a little more.  I’m actually able to get a cell signal on my iPhone and made a couple of calls last night.  I’ll probably regret that once I see the phone bill, but speaking to my cousin Jake was more important than worrying about the cost of international roaming.

The weather here is pleasant.  It’s not cold today and the sky is clear.  My understanding is that there were a couple of feet of snow a few days ago and the temperature was around 18˚.  Thankfully, that’s not true for today.

The time difference between here and Fort Huachuca is 11 hours, but I’m not feeling any affects from jet lag.  That’s probably due to having slept on the flight and to being used to traveling by plane so often.


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