Operational Concerns

1.  This site is neither endorsed nor approved by either the U.S. Army or the JAG Corps.  JAGNCO.com is a personal website which I use to discuss cases that have hit the news, and break the issues down so the general public can understand what’s happening in that particular case.

2.  This site is not a substitute for obtaining advice from your servicing legal assistance office.  While I do post some information that may be of use, that information is pulled directly from the appropriate regulations.  I merely state what the regulation says you have to do, not what you should do with your particular issue; it’s for informational purposes only.  If you need advice on how you should proceed with your issue,then you need to talk to a legal assistance attorney.


3.  While I am in a deployed environment, I intentionally refrain from posting anything about my deployment or what’s going on over here.  This is due to my own OPSEC concerns; we have an important mission over here and I am very leery of publishing information that may undermine that mission.

That said, I invite all JAG NCOs to register on the site and add their thoughts and experience.  I would like to see JAGNCO.com become more of a community for JAG personnel than a one-man operation.


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