My name is Sergeant Christopher Camacho and I am a Non-Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army who has 11 cumulative years of service.  For the past six years, I’ve been an Army Paralegal and I have a great deal of expertise in military law.  While I have maintained a couple of other blogs in the past few years, my focus for this one is military law and my current deployment to Afghanistan.

I deployed to Iraq for 15 months with the Second Stryker Cavalry Regiment from August 2007 to November 2008.  This year, I deployed to Afghanistan for 12 months with the 86th Signal Battalion.  I volunteered for this deployment because they needed experienced legal support and I wanted to provide that support for them.

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I’ve adapted the above policies from the Army’s official blog (link in the sidebar) for use here.  Even though I do not represent the Army in any official capacity, my intent is to maintain this site within the Army’s already established norms.


1.  This site is neither endorsed nor approved by either the U.S. Army or the JAG Corps.  JAGNCO.com is a personal website which I use to discuss cases that have hit the news, and break the issues down so the general public can understand what’s happening in that particular case.

2.  This site is not a substitute for obtaining advice from your servicing legal assistance office.  While I do post some information that is of use, that information is pulled directly from the appropriate regulations.  I merely state what the regulation says you have to do, not what you should do with your particular issue; it’s for informational purposes only.  If you need advice on how you should proceed with your issue,then you need to talk to a legal assistance attorney.