Legal Issues

As a paralegal in the U.S. Army, I frequently have Soldiers, First Sergeants, and Commanders come to me with various legal issues and questions they’re having.  This is where I have to tread lightly — since I’m not an attorney, I’m not authorized to provide any legal advice or render any legal opinions.  I can, however, interpret regulations and explain what they mean and require.

Here, I will [eventually] go over some of the more common issues that are brought to me and present the solutions that I’ve recommended in the past based on the requirements imposed by various regulations.  My hope is that these will be useful resources for Soldiers, Commanders, and First Sergeants alike.

Any information found within these pages, should not be acted upon without first consulting with your local JAG office.  The information contained herein is generalized in order to apply to as large a swath of Soldiers as possible; but, there will always be some Soldiers whose situations differ enough that they require specific advice.  This is why you mustn’t act on anything you read here without talking to JAG first — you might be that Soldier with a unique situation.

Anything you read here is for informational purposes only; none of it is legal advice.  I’m no “barracks lawyer”; if you want advice then you need to talk to an attorney — barracks lawyers will only get you into trouble (or deeper trouble).